A great part of the ammunition found in and around the Arnhem area
was stored in this Bunker called Diogenes at Deelen airfield near the
village of Schaarsbergen.

Schaarsbergen Bunker

Men of the "Hulpverleningsdienst" at work sorting out the ammunition
These men were recruited from the "air-rade defence service"
and initialy it was their task to keep order after the Liberation.
The landmines clearance was mostly done by the allied using German POW's.

Schaarsbergen Bunker

The huge bunker Diogenes was the former Headquarters from the 3rd Jagd division from the Luftwaffe.
The bunker was build by the Germans and finished in 1943, it is 60 meters long and 40 meters width.
The building has 3 floors from wich 1 is under the ground.
The central hall of the bunker, used to direct and control their own planes and to look for enemy planes,
is destroyed on the 17th of September 1944 when Operation Market Garden began.
The Germans thought that the Allies where trying to capture the bunker Diogenes and before
their retreat to Duisburg, they blew up the central hall and its equipment.
On 8 June 1948 a terrible accident took place, an aerial bomb of 1200kg was placed on a lorry to bring it
outside for dismantling but the bomb exploded. 5 men of the "Hulpverleningsdient" were killed immediately.

Men of the "Hulpverleningsdienst" at work


Ammunition found whilst building the Dam plant on the Rhine at Driel/Oosterbeek

In 1962 the work on the dam plant started and it was finished in early 1964.
The "Hulpverleningsdienst" wich was attached to "Rijkswaterstaat" was in charge
and responsible for the clearing of the area.
A part of the list of the ammunition found shows 27 handgrenades, 49 brisantgrenades,
57 mortar shells and 31 kilogram small ammunition like bullets.
Most of the ammunition was brought to the Bunker at Deelen for dismantling.
Heavy bombs were carefully packed at Deelen and brought to ships wich dumped them
a few miles offshore in the North Sea.
Also many weapons were found and alot of containers were dragged out of the river Rhine,
These were containers from the re-supply droppings meant for the Airborne Troops in the Oosterbeek perimeter.
Further on the bodies of 5 soldiers were found from wich 4 could be identified.

Doorwerth Tractor accident 1950

Doorwerth landmijn 1950

On 19 january 1950 a farmer drove with his tractor with attached manure cart over a landmine.
This happened on the Rhine river forelands near Doorwerth.
He hit the mine with the tractor but nothing happened, then the manure cart drove over it and the
mine exploded blowing the manure all over the area. The heavy layer of manure on the cart protected
the farmer and saved his live. A large hole in the ground marked the location of the explosion.

Doorwerth landmijn 1950


P.R.A. van Iddekinge mentions in his 1981 book "Arnhem Evacuatie, Verwoesting, Plundering, Bevrijding, Terugkeer"
the amounts of ammunition found sofar by the "Hulpverleningsdienst" and "Mijnenopruimingsdienst".
817,000 rifle bullets
4,884 handgrenades
494 Panzerfausten
46,640 Grenades
5,551 Fosfor grenades
242 Bombs
3,500 kilo gun powder
11,820 explosive chargings
1,328 landmines
197 smoke pots
95 light grenades
2,367 Helmets and gasmasks
237 diverse weapons

In 1965 the police in Oosterbeek was notified 75 times a year that
ammunition was found by a civilian.

Arnhem 6 pounder anti-tank gun

Arnhem gasmasks