What's New

06-04-2015   2015 new book "Arnhem Mosquito"
15-01-2015   2015 new book "Huize Mooi-Land te Doorwerth"
10-11-2014   2014 new book due out December 2014 "Arnhem on the horizon" Glider Pilot Regiment
28-10-2014   2014 new book "Stanislaw Sosabowski The troublesome General"
17-10-2014   2014 new book "Ten brave men and true" 10th Battalion
14-10-2014   2014 new book "De kabel brak"
25-09-2014   2014 new books
18-09-2014   2014 new book "Arnhem stories" compiled by Geert Maassen
08-09-2014   Ministory 120 of the SFAM
17-08-2014   2014 new book "A street in Arnhem". By Robert Kershaw
15-08-2014   2014 Dutch book "De Lichtenbeek". English Edition is upcoming
10-08-2014   2014 book "Standby, Steady, Fire" about the 1st Airlanding A/T Battery at the Arnhem bridge
01-08-2014   2014 book "Image and Reality" about the 2nd Bn South Staffords
27-05-2014   Ministory 119 by the Society of friends of the Airborne Museum
18-05-2014   2014 Book "1st Parachute Brigade headquarters at the Arnhem bridge" by Philip Reinders
20-03-2014   2014 Book "Battle memories of D-Day and Arnhem" by a Glider Pilot
03-03-2014   2013 Book in Dutch "The last house" about a civilian in the Battle of Arnhem
28-02-2014   2014 Book in Dutch "Cordon F" about the return of the Arnhem population in the city in 1945
01-02-2014   2014 Book "Boats at Arnhem and other stories" by John Sliz
30-01-2014   "Good Ere 'Ennit" 2010 Book 2nd Bn Parachute Regiment
13-12-2013   2014 Book "The Para who stayed behind in Arnhem". Release date January 2014
19-11-2013   1951 Book "I bought a Star". Subject 1st Airborne Recce Squadron
06-11-2013   "Ministory 117" published by the VVAM
21-10-2013   "Captured at Arnhem" about Norman Hicks who served in the 1st Parachute Sqn Royal Engineers
07-10-2013   2013 Reprint of the book "Freely I Served" by General Sosabowski
01-10-2013   General Sosabowski's Toourist - 2013 book
28-09-2013   A few photo's of the Vitesse Arnhem football match
28-09-2013   Programme booklet of the 2013 Memorial Service on the Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery
28-09-2013   Operation Berlin Battlefield Tour booklet
26-09-2013   Book "Jaap Jansen - uncommon soldier"
22-09-2013   Memorial Service at the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
18-09-2013   Arrival Merseyside guests and veterans in Oosterbeek
17-09-2013   Videos of commemoration at the Airborne Monument Heelsum
17-09-2013   Wreath laying at the Airborne Monument Hartenstein Oosterbeek
12-09-2013   "Stationsweg" Glider Pilot Regiment booklet
11-09-2013   "Airborne Forever" new book about Johnny Peters Border Regiment and chairman of the AVC
09-09-2013   New graphic novel "Eagle and Pegasus"
07-09-2013   Airborne March 2013 Major Tony Trown and his Army Cadets and PRA Aldershot branch group
07-09-2013   Airborne March 2013 Defile with Johnny Peters his speech
07-09-2013   Some photo's of the Airborne March 2013(Videos will follow)
01-09-2013   New book due out September 2013. "The use of Hamilcar gliders at Arnhem".
28-08-2013   "German Pioneers at Oosterbeek" booklet produced for the 1st Anniversary of our forum
11-08-2013   Ministory 116 of the SFAM
02-07-2013   1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade group Plate
02-07-2013   German Certificate of the "Silver wounded badge" awarded to Henry McAnelly 1st Para Battalion
01-07-2013   Download the story of "The First Army Glider Pilot" by Peter Yeates
26-06-2013   New website about Ronald Speirs 101st Airborne Division 506th PIR
23-06-2013   Programme of the Double Hills Memorial Service 2013 at Paulton for the casualties of the crashed glider
13-06-2013   (Youtube) Gen. Urquhart and acting Burgomaster Jan ter Horst talk about the 1st Memorial Service in 1945(Look under "Memorial Services"):
10-06-2013   New Arnhem book by John Sliz "Commander Royal Engineers"
27-05-2013   Photo's of the 2004 Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery
22-05-2013   Photo's of the 2006 and 2008 Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery
16-05-2013   New book "Arnhem a few vital hours" out 22 June 2013
02-05-2013   1955 Dutch booklet with poems about the Battle of Arnhem
22-04-2013   1944 book "Red Devils: The making of a British Paratrooper"
16-04-2013   "Arnhem FDC" re-opening Airborne Museum Hartenstein Oosterbeek 1985
11-04-2013   Book "Honours and awards to personnel at Arnhem"
03-04-2013   "Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery" website
28-03-2013   "Ministory 115" of the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum(VVAM)
24-03-2013   "Air War Market Garden Volume 2" new book
18-03-2013   Plate 50th Anniversary of the 1st Airlanding at Arnhem
20-02-2013   New edition of the book "With the Red Devils at Arnhem"
13-02-2013   "Air War Market Garden Volume 1" new book
24-01-2013   "Kampfraum Arnheim" new book
10-01-2013   year 2000 book "The RAF and me
31-12-2012   Added a picture of Henry McAnelly 1 Para and Colonel John Frost at the Airborne Monument Oosterbeek 1989
30-12-2012   Friends of the Airborne Museum ministory 114
17-12-2012   Booklet about Lieutenant Herbert Sonne 'Pinky' Kiaer 10th Battalion
16-12-2012   'I played the piano and made the tea" 10th Battalion booklet
30-11-2012   1965 Dutch book about the Resistance in the city of Ede
17-11-2012   Ministory 113 from the SFAM about Lt. Col. Martin Herford RAMC 163rd Field Ambulance
16-11-2012   Downloadable the 2012 2nd Revised Edition of the Airborne March Medals and group awards in PDF Format
11-11-2012   Pictures of the RBL service and standard dedication at the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
29-10-2012   Pictures of the replica Lonsdale Church with poppies during the Airborne March added to the Operation Market Garden forum
29-10-2012   For sale & for trade forum added to the Operation Market Garden forum
26-10-2012   Added the 2014 Hells Highway Tour 500 Historical Vehicles to the 2014 programme on the forum
24-10-2012   Register on the new Operation Market Garden forum
21-10-2012   1999 book "The diary of Mrs Haverkorn". Mrs Haverkorn lived in the village of Renkum during the Battle of Arnhem
20-10-2012   Operation Pegasus march 2012
19-10-2012   2012 commemoration for the Dutch resistance
18-10-2012   Link to David Salik's story 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Para Field Ambulance
18-10-2012   2012 book "Kampina Airborne"
18-10-2012   1991 book about James Martin's Troop Carrier shot down above Groesbeek with 14 men of 508PIR 82nd Airborne Division
14-10-2012   1985 Photobook of the 53rd Welsh Division reunion in 's Hertogenbosch Netherlands, the city they liberated in October 1944
13-10-2012   Presentation about General Roy Urquhart by his daughter Judy Urquhart at the concerthall Oosterbeek
12-10-2012   Video of the funeral of Harry Houghton 10th Battalion and the ceremony on Ginkel Heath(Scroll to bottom)
11-10-2012   Book "Een andere kijk op de Slag om Arnhem, De snelle Duitse reactie"
11-10-2012   Booklet about Driel September 1944
10-10-2012   Booklet about the emergency hospital in Nunspeet
09-10-2012   First pilgrimage guide for the Arnhem and Oosterbeek battlefields
08-10-2012   First museum guide Airborne Museum in Castle Doorwerth
04-10-2012   Book "Heeswijk, Dinther en Loosbroek" 101st Airborne Division Operation Market Garden
03-10-2012   Book "A short history of 30 corps in the European campaign 1944-1945"
02-10-2012   Photo's from the 2012 Wreath laying at the 10th Battalion marker Oosterbeek
02-10-2012   1955 Book Dutch Edition "Een Tommy in de lage landen", English Edition "The only way out"
01-10-2012   "Brabant liberated" book about the liberation of the province Brabant in 1944
29-09-2012   Some more pics of the Vitesse Arnhem Airborne match
28-09-2012   2009 Book "Nijmegen '44"
28-09-2012   1969 Book "Nijmegen September '44"
27-09-2012   Book about the liberation of the village Cuijk south of Nijmegen
27-09-2012   1989 programme booklet of the 45th Memorial Service at the Airborne cemetery Oosterbeek
26-09-2012   1991 programme booklet of the 47th Memorial Service at the Airborne cemetery Oosterbeek
26-09-2012   1992 programme booklet of the 48th Memorial Service at the Airborne cemetery Oosterbeek
25-09-2012   1993 programme booklet of the 49th Memorial Service at the Airborne cemetery Oosterbeek
25-09-2012   1998 programme booklet of the 54th Memorial Service at the Airborne cemetery Oosterbeek
25-09-2012   2000 programme booklet of the 56th Memorial Service at the Airborne cemetery Oosterbeek
25-09-2012   2002 programme booklet of the 58th Memorial Service at the Airborne cemetery Oosterbeek
25-09-2012   2003 programme booklet of the 59th Memorial Service at the Airborne cemetery Oosterbeek
25-09-2012   2006 programme booklet of the 62nd Memorial Service at the Airborne cemetery Oosterbeek
24-09-2012   Broadcast TV-Gelderland of the Airborne cemetery oosterbeek
24-09-2012   1984 programme booklet of the 40th Memorial Service at the Airborne cemetery Oosterbeek
24-09-2012   Departure Merseyside veterans Oosterbeek monday afternoon
24-09-2012   Video memorial service at the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
24-09-2012   2012 Programme booklet of the memorial service at the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
23-09-2012   Schoonoord Oosterbeek Sunday afternoon
23-09-2012   Memorial service at the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
22-09-2012   Schoonoord Oosterbeek Saturday afternoon
22-09-2012   race to the bridge old army vehicles parade
22-09-2012   Ginkel Heath Para droppings 22 September 2012
21-09-2012   Pictures of Arnhem Commemoration 2012
21-09-2012   Video Arnhem Pipes and Drums and Standard bearers 2012
20-09-2012   Video of ceremony liberation of Eindhoven 18 September 2012
20-09-2012   Short video of the arrival of the Mesrseyside guests in Oosterbeek 19 September
20-09-2012   4th Parachute Brigade trenches information panel at Papendal Arnhem
19-09-2012   Added 4th Parachute Brigade at Arnhem website to our "links section"
19-09-2012   Commemoration at grave No2 Dutch troop commando "Bakhuis-Roozeboom" Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
19-09-2012   Arrival Merseyside veterans and guests in Oosterbeek
17-09-2012   Airborne Monument Heelsum wreath laying
17-09-2012   Airborne Monument Hartenstein Oosterbeek wreath laying
15-09-2012   101st Airborne Division day at Castle Heeswijk and booklaunch and signing session by the authors of "Orange is the color of the day"
09-09-2012   Last years Wreath Laying at the 10th Battalion marker Oosterbeek
08-09-2012   Paulton Double Hills Memorial Service for the crashed glider with the Royal Engineers
06-09-2012   Dutch Edition of the 1958 book "Arnhem" by General Urquhart
05-09-2012   Dutch Arnhem 50th Anniversary Medal(Scroll to bottom of page)
05-09-2012   A not numbered Liberation FDC by the SFAM stamped in Wageningen(See previous identical one stamped in Arnhem)
01-09-2012   Airborne March Oosterbeek pictures
31-08-2012   New book "Orange is the color of the day" 101st Airborne Division in Holland
26-08-2012   "Air Battle for Arnhem" RAF Book
26-08-2012   Graphic Novel "Hotel Hartenstein"
22-08-2012   Special Market Garden Edition by the "Gelderlander" newspaper
20-08-2012   SFAM UK Members Weekend 2011 booklet
15-08-2012   Airborne Museum Hartenstein First Day Cover 1983 Army Air Corps
08-08-2012   Airborne Museum Hartenstein First Day Cover 1985
07-08-2012   Programme booklet of the 50th Memorial Service at the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
15-07-2012   "Major Cotterell at Arnhem" new book
15-07-2012   Photo's taken at the Lonsdale Church Oosterbeek
12-07-2012   "Arnhem Pilot" new book
12-07-2012   Novel about Operation Market Garden in German
04-07-2012   "The Bridge" Arnhem booklet
30-06-2012   "Arnhem news" website and our website are going to join forces
15-06-2012   Reprint of the book "Nine Days", a Glider Pilot's experience at the Battle of Arnhem
12-06-2012   New book "September Hope" the American side of A bridge too Far
11-06-2012   Upcoming Arnhem book by Philip Reinders due out September/October 2012
09-06-2012   Airborne Museum Hartenstein Booksale 2012
01-06-2012   Ministory 111 by the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum
31-05-2012   Programme of the 53rd Memorial Service at the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1997
21-05-2012   Photo's of the "Arnhem Gallery" Fairfield Halls Croydon
18-05-2012   Order of Service for the burial of Sergeant Laurence Herbert Howes, Sergeant David Thompson and Corporal George Froud on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1998
18-05-2012   Ex Para len Wright and the helmet that saved his life at Arnhem
08-05-2012   Programme booklet of the 46th Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1990
08-05-2012   Booklet 502 PIR 101st Airborne Dodewaard "The Island"
05-05-2012   Video of the veterans at the Airborne Museum Hartenstein Oosterbeek
05-05-2012   Video of the defile with the cabs in Oosterbeek
05-05-2012   Photo's LTBA, WW2 Veterans in Oosterbeek
03-05-2012   Video's of the London Taxi Benevolent Association and WW2 veterans in Arnhem and at the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
03-05-2012   Photo's of the London Taxi Benevolent Association and WW2 veterans in Harwich, Arnhem and at the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
01-05-2012   Booklet "A Diary of events relating to the escape Pegasus one"
29-04-2012   Pathfinder Parachute Group Europe support request for Normandy Droppings
26-04-2012   April 2012 new Paperback Edition of the book "We fought at Arnhem"
24-04-2012   "Kleine Wiener Kriegszeitung" Newspaper from Austria dated 23 September 1944
23-04-2012   2 new pictures of Henry McAnelly Battle Guide and his business card and 2 of Ron Tidball RAMC
23-04-2012   1969 Booklet "More than just a day off" Liberation of Veghel by the 101st Airborne Division
22-04-2012   New 2012 Edition of Louis Hagen's book "Arnhem Lift"
17-04-2012   Photo Exhibition "Children of the Liberation" in the "Wings of Liberation museum"
16-04-2012   Photo of 3 Para MMG Medium Machine Gun Platoon 1944
14-04-2012   "Australian Bushmaster" used in Afghanistan at the Airborne Museum Hartenstein Oosterbeek
13-04-2012   1971 Arnhem Battle booklet in Dutch, "Sporen van de slag om Arnhem."
09-04-2012   Recce Party from the London Taxi Benevolent Association for their Trip to Arnhem in May 2012 with 120 veterans
07-04-2012   Old postcard of the Airborne Museum Hartenstein Oosterbeek before the renovation
03-04-2012   Diary from a Dutch woman about the Battle of Arnhem and the evacuation of her family after the Battle(In Dutch)
02-04-2012   Booklet about a Battle of Arnhem schoolproject by children from Arnhem
29-03-2012   Programme of the 70th Anniversary 2014
22-03-2012   New book about the Horsa Glider written by Philip Reinders
16-03-2012   "A Token Force" new book by John Sliz about 261 Field Park Company Royal Engineers in the Battle of Arnhem
08-03-2012   "Glider Museum Wolfheze 2012 Opening times" added to the 2012 programme
07-03-2012   "Robert Henry Cain VC" 2006 Guernsey Coin(Scroll to bottom)
06-03-2012   1951 book about the Airborne Forces
01-03-2012   The "Wings of Liberation" Museum opens again 31 March , see latest news"
26-02-2012   Operation Market Garden 60th Anniversary plaque(Scroll to bottom)
25-02-2012   Dutch 1945 booklet about the fightings in the Groesbeek area(82nd Airborne Division)
09-02-2012   "Arnhem their final Battle" new book about the 11th Parachute Battalion at Arnhem
08-02-2012   The website of the Brunssum Commonwealth War Cemetery added to the links section of our website
01-02-2012   Dutch book about the evacuation adventures of an Arnhem family after the Battle of Arnhem
26-01-2012   Ministory number 110 of the Friends of the Airborne Museum
21-01-2012   1984 Erasmus Medal for Allied veterans and Air Despatchers Operation Manna 1945(Scroll to bottom of the page)
20-01-2012   Booklet about the Dutch Battle of Arnhem researcher and historian Colonel Thedoor Boeree
15-01-2012   Arnhem-Croydon Charter and programme of the Arnhem-Croydon week 1952
08-01-2012   Book about a Dutch boy in the Geman Waffen-SS
05-01-2012   2 Aerial photo's Oosterbeek Old Church and surroundings
04-01-2012   "Wolfheze Landing Zone" 1953 with imprint of gliders
25-12-2011   "The Victor" 1963 magazine about Lance-Sergeant Baskeyfield VC"
23-12-2011   "Photoplay" 1977 magazine with article about the making of "A Bridge too Far"
22-12-2011   "Against all Odds" magazine with article about Oosterbeek 1944
16-12-2011   A new project - A list of magazines with articles about the Battle of Arnhem
15-12-2011   "Boats, Bridges & Valour" Book about the Royal Canadian Engineers in WWII
08-12-2011   "REMEMBRANCE" music by Nigel Everett - listen and enjoy
08-12-2011   100 Historic photographs Operation Market Garden Southern Netherlands
03-12-2011   Newspaper Morning Herald from 29 sept 1944
01-12-2011   Langham - 1st Airborne Division memorial plaque
29-11-2011   Stoke on Trent Memorial Plate for Pte Kenneth Roberts 21 Ind Para Company No 1 platoon
16-11-2011   1945 Nijmegen commemoration 82nd Airborne Division photo's
14-11-2011   Friends of the Airborne Museum Ministory 109
13-11-2011   Remembrance Sunday 13-11-2011 on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
04-11-2011   Very rare Battle of Arnhem plaque(Scroll to bottom)
31-10-2011   Updated the obituary of Harry Houghton 10 Para(Scroll to bottom - Harry and Captain Sean Phillips)
28-10-2011   Book about the rebuilding of Arnhem
13-10-2011   "Nachtrichten fur die Truppe" Anglo-American propaganda in German from 18 Sept 1944
13-10-2011   "Nachtrichten fur die Truppe" Anglo-American propaganda in German from 22 Sept 1944
13-10-2011   "Nachtrichten fur die Truppe" Anglo-American propaganda in German from 23 Sept 1944
13-10-2011   "Nachtrichten fur die Truppe" Anglo-American propaganda in German from 25 Sept 1944
08-10-2011   2008 Operation Market Garden Battlefield Tour various photo's
07-10-2011   Radio Broadcast of the Diary kept by a family in Oosterbeek during the Battle of Arnhem
07-10-2011   Description and ordering information of the new Arnhem Roll of Honour book
06-10-2011   Various Pictures Arnhem 64th Anniversary 2008
03-10-2011   Arnhem Newsletters by Simon Haines
01-10-2011   Video of Arnhem 1945 after the liberation(Part 2 - Dutch spoken)
01-10-2011   Video of Arnhem 1945 after the liberation(Part 1 - Dutch spoken)
30-09-2011   Dutch Book about the Air Raid Defence in Renkum 17 Sept. 1944 up to June 1945
28-09-2011   Photo's of Arnhem in 1946
26-09-2011   Photo's of Para Droppings on Renkum Heath September 2011
25-09-2011   Video of Para Droppings on Renkum Heath September 2011
24-09-2011   Book about the 11th Parachute Battalion at Arnhem
24-09-2011   Battlefield Tour booklet 156 Parachute Battalion at Arnhem
23-09-2011   "The Cherry Beret" book about a Canloan Officer attached to the 1st British Airborne Division
23-09-2011   Photo's from the Uni-Bar Airborne Pub in Arnhem
22-09-2011   Programme Booklet of the 67th Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
20-09-2011   1952 Booklet "The Battle of Arnhem" by the Dutch Arnhem researcher Mr Theodore Boeree
09-09-2011   82nd Airborne/30 Corps book "The legend of the Waal crossing"
09-09-2011   "Moor Park and the Battle of Arnhem" 1st Airborne Division HQ book
08-09-2011   New Arnhem book "1st British Airborne Division Phantom"
06-09-2011   "De zeer schone uren" new book about Oosterbeek 1944 with unique photo's
04-09-2011   Short video impression of the Airborne March Oosterbeek 2011
02-09-2011   Presentation of the graphic novel 'Arnhem Bridge' in Arnhem to Burgomaster Pauline Krikke
31-08-2011   50th Anniversary 101 Airborne coin(Scroll to the bottom of page)
31-08-2011   "Six friends arrive tonight" 1949 Arnhem Battle book
24-08-2011   "Theirs is the Glory" 1946 Arnhem Battle movie
23-08-2011   Soon to be published the Dutch translation of the book "Arnhem Doctor" by Stuart Mawson
18-08-2011   Dutch Booklet about "Lager Scharnhorst" Labor Camp in Doorwerth
16-08-2011   "Lost at Nijmegen" Amazon Kindle book
14-08-2011   Driel 1944 medal(Scroll down)
11-08-2011   Video Waalcrossing 504 PIR 1944
09-08-2011   Dutch 1990 book about the fightings in Driel
08-08-2011   1945 film about the destructions and plunder of Arnhem
07-08-2011   50th Anniversary Operation Market Garden plate of the MGVA
06-08-2011   Link to the role of the Royal Canadian Engineers in Operation Berlin
05-08-2011   Henry McAnelly 1st Para Battalion
04-08-2011   2011 new book "Arnhem- The Battle for Survival"
04-08-2011   2011 paperback edition of the book "Surgeon at Arms"
04-08-2011   2nd 2011 Edition of the Dutch book "Luchtbrug Market Garden"
13-07-2011   Memorial Plate formation 151 and 156 Battalion Parachute Regiment India
12-07-2011   Diorama in the old Airborne Museum Hartenstein before the renovation
06-07-2011   Newspaper article(Dutch) about the book "No1 Forward Observer Unit RA (Airborne)" written by Philip Reinders
05-07-2011   Last reunion Market Garden veterans in Southport - video
02-07-2011   List and short descriptions of the Ministories published by the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum
25-06-2011   Book "Bridging Hell's Highway" 326th Engineers Battalion 101st Airborne Division(Soon available at lulu.com)
19-06-2011   Old Staffordshire Memorial Plate Arnhem September 1944
18-06-2011   Booklet written by a gunner from the 1st Forward Observer Unit RA(Airborne)
13-06-2011   Dutch poem about a British Para killed in action
12-06-2011   "Nieuws van den Dag" Dutch Newspaper from 26 September 1944
11-06-2011   Book "The History of the Polish Parachute badge"
07-06-2011   First Day Cover Formation Army Air Corps and 1st Airlanding Brigade
01-06-2011   "Radio Oranje" broadcast from London 17 September 1944 in English and Dutch
31-05-2011   "VERITAS" Dutch newspaper 28 Sept 1944 "Heroic Battle at Arnhem has ended"
30-05-2011   New Arnhem book, due out September 2011
25-05-2011   Story of a Dutch housewife about life in the ruined city of Arnhem after return(In Dutch)
24-05-2011   82nd Airborne Division book "A Fighting Heart"
23-05-2011   Dutch 1989 booklet about the History of the Airborne Museum Hartenstein Oosterbeek
23-05-2011   Dutch article about the 1st Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek
22-05-2011   New book "Arnhem Myth and Reality"
19-05-2011   3 memorial plates "40th Anniversary" "60th Anniversary" and "Parachute Regiment"
17-05-2011   Arnhem 1st Airborne Division 50th Anniversary plate 1994
17-05-2011   Booklet of the 1944 Service of thanksgiving and remembrance for the 1st Airborne Division in Grantham
12-05-2011   Book "The Memoirs of Captain G. Smith Macdonald" KOSB
10-05-2011   Book "American Eagles" 101st Airborne Division 1944-1945
10-05-2011   Book "Rendezvous with Destiny" the history of the 101st Airborne Division
10-05-2011   Dutch account about what happened in and around the Walburgis Church near the Arnhem Bridge
09-05-2011   New Arnhem book about No1 Forward Observer Unit RA(Airborne)
08-05-2011   Update - Market Garden Arnhem Battle Programme 2011
06-05-2011   Airborne Museum Hartenstein Oosterbeek Plate
05-05-2011   Nijmegen and Waalcrossing Commemoration video 1994
04-05-2011   New "Northern Perimeter" route in Oosterbeek
30-04-2011   Free Download - "Langham's wartime experiences American style" 82nd Airborne booklet
29-04-2011   Added the 2009 reprint of "On wings of Healing" -Airborne medical Services- to the Arnhem books list.
27-04-2011   Stories day for the youth in the Airborne Museum Hartenstein Oosterbeek and new books presentations.
26-04-2011   Opening Airborne Museum Hartenstein Oosterbeek 1978 Plate
18-04-2011   Dutch Arnhem book "Metamorfose van een stad" or "Metamorphosis of a City" in English
15-04-2011   2 Arnhem plates - "Theirs is the Glory" and "Arnhem 55th Anninversary"
14-04-2011   Dutch 1946 booklet about what happened in Arnhem after the evacuation of the city
13-04-2011   Dutch Docu making of the film "Theirs is the Glory" with Hugh Ashmore 21st Independent Para Company
09-04-2011   156 Battalion Battlefield Tour booklet
09-04-2011   Book "War evacuees in the open Air museum Arnhem"
09-04-2011   Airborne Museum Hartenstein Oosterbeek Booksale 2011
06-04-2011   Arnhem 25th Anniversary 1969 Video
01-04-2011   Dutch Press announcement about the Artwork Resurrection(Terracotta Airborne Army)
31-03-2011   Obituary Harry "Darkie" Houghton 10th Para Battalion
31-03-2011   101st Airborne book "From Holland to Hitlers eagles nest"
30-03-2011   First Day Cover Formation Army Air Corps and 1st Airlanding Brigade
28-03-2011   2 Arnhem Tiles made by "Zenith" Gouda Holland
24-03-2011   1944 booklet with air photograhps of Wolfheze, Nijmegen and Grave
21-03-2011   "Wolfheze 44" - 1994 booklet about the Lunatic Asylum in Wolfheze
20-03-2011   Details 2nd Revised Edition of the book "As you were" 1st Air Landing A/T Battery RA
18-03-2011   101 Airborne and Parachute Regiment commemorative plates and a Arnhem Tile(Sroll down)
16-03-2011   101 Airborne commemorative plate 1974(Sroll down)
16-03-2011   Dutch Arnhem book "Contra de Swastika" subject resistance
12-03-2011   Dutch Newspaper article about a BBC team in Oosterbeek for research
12-03-2011   Book about a soldier of the 2nd Battalion
10-03-2011   Military William Order commemorative coin 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade
10-03-2011   1948 picture of   "Bergen op Zoom"   Commonwealth Cemetery
08-03-2011   Dutch 1944 poem "De Helden van Arnhem"(The Heroes of Arnhem) by Radio Orange
05-03-2011   3 pics of Lance Sgt Baskeyfield MC Memorial in Burslem Stoke-on-Trent"
01-03-2011   US 504 PIR book "The devils in baggy pants"
01-03-2011   Medal given to the Arnhem veterans who visited the footballmatch from Vitesse Arnhem in 2010
01-03-2011   2 memorial plates liberation Veghel by the 101 Airborne Division
01-03-2011   Dutch book about the liberation of Eindhoven by the 101 Airborne Division
26-02-2011   2011 book "Rifleman" about a member of the Parachute Regiment
26-02-2011   1989 book Rolls of Honour Jews
26-02-2011   2010 book partly about Jews in the Battle of Arnhem
25-02-2011   Dutch book about the return in Arnhem of a Dutch family
25-02-2011   Upcoming Arnhem book "We fought at Arnhem"
25-02-2011   1945 Dutch Arnhem book "Ons laatste half jaar oorlog achter Arnhem front"
20-02-2011   Arnhem fight your own Battle - interactive childrens book
18-02-2011   Added New Polish Book on the Arnhem Books list
18-02-2011   1989 Airborne Museum Hartenstein FDC
02-02-2011   Dutch language Belgian SAS book
17-01-2011   New link to U.S. 101st Airborne Division Cemetery in Son
15-01-2011   Added Dutch 1946 booklet to Arnhem bookslist
14-01-2011   1989 Remembrance plate 101st Airborne Division added
05-01-2011   Added a book about the Red Cross in Arnhem to the bookslist
02-01-2011   Link to new Website about Brigadier John "Shan" Hackett
26-12-2010   Arnhem RAMC Book "Reap a Destiny" added to Arnhem Booklist
24-12-2010   Winterpictures in Oosterbeek
22-12-2010   First Day Cover with insert dropped at Groesbeek 1994
18-12-2010   Pegasus Journal 1989 Supplement 2 added to Arnhem Battle books
18-12-2010   Picture of 1977 Arnhem Reunion
18-12-2010   New 2010 book "Arnhem Surgeon" by Niall Cherry
16-12-2010   Haagsche Courant Dutch Newspaper from 19 Sept. 1944
15-12-2010   Nachrichten fur die Truppe - German newspaper from 27 Sept. 1944
09-12-2010   Added Book "The Glider Gang"
08-12-2010   "Hoog en Laag" Dutch Newspaper article about the new upcoming edition of the "Roll of Honour" by Geert Maassen and Jan Hey
06-12-2010   Airborne Museum FDC "Oosterbeek Crossroads"
06-12-2010   Airborne Museum FDC "Royal Corps of Signals"
26-11-2010   New book "Wings of Freedom" about the Troop Carrier C-47 losses in Operation Market Garden
26-11-2010   The RED/MAROON Beret explained by Major-General John D. Frost
26-11-2010   13 After the Battle pictures
26-11-2010   Added 6 Editions of the Pegasus Journal to the Arnhem Books list
26-11-2010   2 pics Arnhem 1945 children playing with a 6 pounder and left behind gasmasks
24-11-2010   Added the 3rd 1946 Edition of the Pegasus Journal to the Arnhem Books list
22-11-2010   Page about the Explosives Ordnance Clearance in the Arnhem Area
22-11-2010   Picture of a tiny shop in Renkum due to the destructions during and after the Battle of Arnhem
21-11-2010   Programme booklet of the 16th Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1960
19-11-2010   The 1945 book "Epic of the 101st Airborne" added to the Market Garden Booklist
18-11-2010   1994 Print of Dutch booklet about the restoration of the Airborne Monument Heelsum
18-11-2010   Dutch Newspaper article from 30 September 1944 about the streetfightings in Arnhem and Oosterbeek by the German War Correspondent Erich Wenzel
18-11-2010   Dutch Newspaper article from 28 September 1944 about the evacuation of Arnhem and Oosterbeek
18-11-2010   1994 booklet about the restoration of the Airborne Monument Heelsum
17-11-2010   New book "Dropped in It" subject 10th Battalion
17-11-2010   Picture of a living room after the war in Renkum 1949
17-11-2010   Programme booklet of the 17th Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1961
16-11-2010   Unknow Dutch Newspaper from 7 Oct. 1944 - Article by the German War Correspondent Wolfgang Koerber describing the Battle of Arnhem
16-11-2010   Unknow Dutch Newspaper from 2 Oct. 1944 - Allied Fighters attack road Arnhem-Apeldoorn-11 civillians killed and 30 wounded
16-11-2010   Unknown Dutch newspaper from 29 Sep. 1944 in wich it is denied that Operation Berlin took place
16-11-2010   Programme booklet of the 20th Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1964
15-11-2010   Picture of the center of Renkum 1949
15-11-2010   Operation Pegasus FDC issued by The Airborne Museum Hartenstein 1993 signed by Frank King 11th Battalion
14-11-2010   Then and Now Picture Renkum 1949 and 2010
11-11-2010   Programme booklet of the 22th Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1967
11-11-2010   Programme booklet of the 3rd Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1947
10-11-2010   Programme booklet of the 4th Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1948
09-11-2010   Address by Rev. Buchanan on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1948
09-11-2010   Programme booklet of the 23rd Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1968
08-11-2010   Christmas message from the Airborne Forces Security Fund 1946
08-11-2010   Pilgrimage booklet for the Veterans 1955
08-11-2010   To the Airborne Boys of 44 - New Poem
08-11-2010   Picture Arrival Arnhem Veterans with the Airborne Expres Oosterbeek 1948
07-11-2010   Programme Booklet of the 2nd Memorial Service on the Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 1946
07-11-2010   Picture of Veterans and Family at Airborne Monument Oosterbeek 1951
07-11-2010   Picture and speech at the Arrival of Arnhem Veterans in Oosterbeek 1954
07-11-2010   Picture and speech at the Arrival of Arnhem Veterans in Oosterbeek 1957
06-11-2010   Picture of the Arrival of Arnhem Veterans in Oosterbeek 1966
06-11-2010   Arnhem Destroyed Calendar 1946